"IN OUR 40 YEARS OF WORKING WITH CHILDREN AND STAFF Josh is the best of the best. He is the rare individual in camping today who combines all of the knowledge, ability, and skills about directing an exceptional waterfront with the unique ability to train and motivate people to the absolute highest safety and teaching standards. His ultimate goal is that a waterfront be a safe place where campers have fun,grow in their skills and feel good about their accomplishments.
Bill and Jancy Dorfman, Directors Emeritus, Camp Walt Whitman

" WE CAN'T POSSIBLY OVERSTATE how important WLS was to us last summer. We literally have Josh and his staff to thank for being able to sleep at night. We're amazed at how thorough WLS is, addressing everything from basic practices to intricate risk management and worst-case scenarios. We recommend WLS to any camp.

Eric and Deb Sasson, Directors, Camp Akeela